Errai: The browser as a platform

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's new in Errai 3? Part 1: RPC Enhancements

This is the first post in a series describing new features in Errai 3 that we haven't blogged about so far. We have recently published the first release candidate and plan to release 3.0.0.Final by the end of the month.

Today's focus is on enhancements made to Errai's RPC mechanism. You can find all details in our reference guide.

Global Exception Handlers

In your application you will likely find many remote procedure calls that potentially throw the same type of exception, usually related to some cross-cutting concern (i.e. authorization/authentication). Errai's new global exception handling feature supports handling these exceptions in a centralized way. It relieves you from having to provide error callbacks at each RPC invocation. Methods annotated with @UncaughtException are called when an exception occurs during a remote call that is not handled by an error callback. This feature is also used internally by Errai's new security module that we'll describe in detail in a future post.

Asynchronous handling of RPCs on the server

Sometimes computing the result of an RPC call can take a significant amount of time (i.e. because a slow database query needs to be executed or a third party service needs to be contacted). It then might be preferable to release the request-processing thread so it can perform other work and provide the RPC result from a different execution context farther in the future. Errai provides a special return type for this named CallableFuture which indicates to the RPC system that the result of the RPC will be provided asynchronously (after the remote method call has returned).

Here’s an example returning a future result of type String:

Enhancements to client-side remote call interceptors

In Errai 3, the new annotation @InterceptsRemoteCall can be used to define the interceptor target directly on the actual interceptor. This is useful in case you can't or don't want to annotate the remote interface with @InterceptedCall. Client-side interceptors can now also be IOC managed beans, which means you can now simply @Inject dependencies into it. Thanks to Eric Wittman for implementing these features!

Stay tuned for more new features in Errai 3 and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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