Errai: The browser as a platform

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Errai 3.2.0.Final released and 4.0 in the making!

Hi everyone,

It's time for a quick update: Errai 3.2.0.Final has been released which contains a number of important fixes and quite a few new features, like runtime template support and an embedded WildFly launcher for Super Dev Mode (see the release notes for all details).

We've also just started work on Errai 4.0! In the short-term, we will be focusing on the following features and enhancements:

  • Errai IoC: Injection of types provided at runtime by dynamically loaded modules (external scripts)
  • Errai IoC: Incremental generation of our bootstrapping logic (to significantly improve refresh times)
  • Errai UI: Ease the integration of web components and allow the use of light-weight DOM wrappers instead of GWT widgets

Max Barkley is back in full force and will be leading most of this development.

What other features or enhancements would you like to see in Errai 4? We rely on your feedback so please join us on Freenode #errai, the errai-dev mailing list, or on our community forums.

Happy coding!