Errai: The browser as a platform

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Community Asylum Podcast

This time we got Heiko and Pete talking with us about JUDCon Berlin and Heiko's work on the Errai project.

As usual we also cover short news from the JBoss Community, but if you've wondered what Errai actually is and what it brings to the table then take a listen from about 30 minutes in, Heiko outlines it all in this episode.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Slides from JUDCon Berlin

"Errai offers a set of components for building rich web applications using The Google Web Toolkit. The framework provides a unified federation and RPC infrastructure with true, uniform, asynchronous messaging across the client and server.

It extends the Google Web Toolkit in two distinct areas:

- True asynchronous bi-directional communication between GWT clients and backend systems
- Integration with enterprise component models and technologies.

In this session we'll look at CDI integration module. It offers seamless integration of CDI backend components with GWT client applications. Build as an extension to the Errai core framework, it allows you to transparently access CDI beans while harnessing the power of the core framework.

Beans that are deployed to a CDI container (i.e. JBoss 6) will automatically be registered with Errai and exposed to your GWT client application. Communication between GWT client components and CDI beans can be done in several ways:

- RPC style invocations on beans through a typed interface
- Access beans in a publish/subscribe manner
- Wiring up your GWT application with the CDI event subsystem

After this session you should have a good idea about the core framework capabilities and CDI integration in particular."