Errai: The browser as a platform

Friday, February 7, 2014

Errai Forge Addon Release

Many of you may have followed the recent release of Forge 2.0.0.Final. With this new release there is an accompanying Eclipse plugin so that you can now use Forge and its addons from the comfort of your IDE.

And with that preface, we at Errai are happy to announce the first release of the Errai Forge Addon. With Forge 2.0 and the Errai Addon, it's now easier than ever to create a new Errai project in Eclipse. You can find instructions on how to use Forge 2.0 and the Errai Addon here.

Here is a quick overview of its features:
  • Perform a basic setup for an Errai project, including configuring maven plugins for running development mode with JBoss AS 7 and Wildfly 8 and configuring production compilation.
  • Add Errai to an existing GWT project.
  • Add or remove dependencies and configurations for Errai features to a Maven/Eclipse project, including:
    • Errai Messaging
    • Errai IOC
    • Errai CDI
    • Errai UI
    • Errai Navigation
    • Errai Databinding
    • Errai Jaxrs
    • Errai JPA
    • Errai Datasync
    • Errai Cordova
Note that the plugin will be compatible with our upcoming milestone 4 release. Until then you can try it out with Errai 3.0-SNAPSHOT.