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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JAX-RS in GWT with Errai

The JAX-RS integration module is our latest extension to the Errai Framework. It brings another enterprise standard to the browser and simplifies the integration of REST-based services in GWT client applications.

How does it work?
To jump right in, let's assume we have the following JAX-RS interface which we want our clients to send requests to:

We simply put this interface somewhere in our client packages (e.g. client.shared) where the GWT compiler can find it. To create a request all that needs to be done is to invoke RestClient.create(), thereby providing the JAX-RS interface, a response callback and to invoke the corresponding interface method.

Error Handling

For handling errors, the existing error callback mechanism can be reused and the error callback can be passed to the RestClient.create() call. The ResponseException provides access to the Response object containing all details of the underlying HTTP response.

What does this buy you?

Errai will take care of generating the HTTP request logic for you and will automatically serialize/deserialize your method parameters. This helps alleviating boilerplate code for creating the URL, setting the HTTP headers, parsing the response, etc. By default, Errai's wire format will be used, but don't be dissuaded by that fact. Errai's wire format really is just simple JSON.

Future work
We are currently improving Errai's marshalling capabilities. One outcome of this will be a mechanism for pluggable custom serializers. So in the near future you will have the flexibility to choose your serialization format.

Interested and want to give it a try?
We have prepared a maven archetype, which generates a working JAX-RS CRUD application: This should help getting you started quickly.

As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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