Errai: The browser as a platform

Monday, January 19, 2015

Errai 3.1.1.Final released!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note that we released Errai 3.1.1.Final today. This is a maintenance release containing a few bug fixes (see the release notes for details). We have also switched master to 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT for future development. So far 3.2 contains a new feature that allows for server-side (dynamic) Errai UI templates. Please stay tuned for more information and an updated roadmap.

Everything is set for GWT.create now and I hope to see many of you in Mountain View and Munich in the coming days!

Happy coding!


  1. Failed to execute goal on project errai-codegen-gwt: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.jboss.errai:errai-codegen-gwt:jar:3.2.0-SNAPSHOT: C ould not find artifact org.jboss.errai:errai-codegen:jar:tests:3.2.0-SNAPSHOT in jboss-public-repository-group ( /public/) -> [Help 1]