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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Work those cores!

A brand new feature to find it into the 3.0 branch these past few days is our new generator parallelization system. That's right; all the code generating magic of Errai can now be split across those idle cores of your computer to greatly increase compile and development mode speed.

Right now only three generators support this parallelization: IOC/CDI, Marshalling and RPC. But we'll get them all plugged in soon.

The new approach also reduces the amount of redundant work that was previously done as each generator ran. On my development laptop, we're seeing improvements in code generation time of up to 60%.

This optimization also comes on the heels of some fixes to the caching behaviour in our internal class scanning API which should also greatly benefit devmode speed.

ErraiBus Improvements

The performance optimization train is in full swing all around the framework. The new ErraiBus V3 Protocol is now fully implemented and working in the 3.0 branch. It provides a new ultra-lightweight association protocol (apps load faster), less management traffic (less chatty), and a streamlined RPC protocol (less call latency).

Another feature under development is ErraiBus support for SSE (Server-Sent Events) which will also significantly reduce bandwidth usage on the bus.

SSE is essentially a standardization of COMET built right into the browser. It allows servers to keep a port open and return a stream of responses without the needless overhead of repeated GET and response headers.

Look for this feature showing up in the coming weeks.

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  1. Can't wait to try the performance improvements. Have to say that development-time performance is one of my top concerns with Errai (and GWT).