Errai: The browser as a platform

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Errai 2.2.0.CR2

Thanks for all the feedback on Errai 2.2.0.CR1. Over the past few weeks, we fixed all the reported issues, and now Errai 2.2.0.CR2 is ready for your consideration.

Please try this latest release candidate as soon as possible, and let us know what you think through any of the usual channels! We expect to make the final release of 2.2.0 in January.

For an overview of the major changes since Errai 2.1, see the earlier post about 2.2.0.CR1.


  1. When working with RequestFactory, one advantage is that the DTO (Proxy) are lightweight. Composite properties are part of the proxy, only explicitly.
    The second advantage is the link with BeanValidator, and also the ability to link errors, to the widget, in turn, linked to the proxy (Editor Framework).
    The question is: It is planned to support some of these advantages in Errai?

  2. It's nice that you share such well-written posts with us. Paula