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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Fueling the rocket" - Approaching 1.1-Final

Ready for lift-off? The 1.1 Candidate Release has been released today. We got plenty of goodies baked into this one:

  • Serialization
    Plenty of bugfixes and performance improvements.
    Up to 40% performance gain and a much better memory footprint.

  • Deployment
    Complete replacement for the meta data facilities and deployment hooks. This a fixes a lot of problems with nested deployment artifacts (i.e. WAR inside EAR)

  • Monitoring
    Improvement activity monitoring tools. Added capabilities to query for certain message types/payload patterns.

  • CDI Integration
    Seamless integration of CDI backend components with GWT client applications.

  • And much more ...
    Check the Userguide for a complete reference of new features.

Download it now.
Browse the Userguide.
Get the sources.

Have fun,
the Errai Team

Image from "Fortress on a Skyhook" written and illustrated by Frank Tinsley, Mechanix Illustrated April, 1949

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